How will she navigate this new way of life, with Godzilla keeping tabs on her? After one last-ditch attempt with a Blackhole the planet was destroyed, and everyone except Godzilla, who somehow escaped and found himself in the world of Kaiju girlscan this new ruler come out as the king of the monsters in this realm? This is the old version of a story that takes place in a space station where a parasite monsters corrupts and breed the various female astronauts.I tagged it underage to be sure. But this time the fight happens in Kyoto instead of Tokyo and Godzilla had also arrived to save Io. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I do have a couple of nitpicks, however. Is this new Godzilla the adult form of the friendly infant that Io befriended as a little girl? Katagiri finally has one, realizing he allowed his fear and hate to rule him for years, causing himself grief and directly contributing to the current crisis. How will she navigate this new way of life, with Godzilla keeping tabs on her? When Harry Potter unlocks his creature inheritance the whole Wizarding World better kneel. As a result, he spends his dying moments helping Yuji destroy the wreckage of the UFO that's allowing it to control Kyoto against Godzilla. (Godzilla 2014) Queen M.U.T.O. It's an encyclopedia, not a dictionary. This re-release incorporates updates relevant to Hrodvitnon's post-canon Abraxasverse Timeline and to Abraxas: The Clash of Silver. The ending makes it ambiguous if she's just a very sneaky old woman or a ghost. It opens with Izuku looking for another career to join, and that is when he finds the AMF, a group that defends the country from giant monsters and quirked animals. Including the King of the Monsters: Godzilla. Scan this QR code to download the app now. This is why it wants to gain Godzilla or Io's genome so it can overcome this weakness. Godzilla abruptly stopped and pinned her to the floor. While flying the Super-X3, pilots tend to feel an uneasiness of doom. Yuji had his fingers dislocated, crushed, and fractured; Yuki had her ring and pinkie fingers bitten off and needing to be reattached later. The Millennian Drones take absurd amounts of damage to actually put down, and so long as they still have biomass, they're still dangerous no matter how much damage they sustain. Ghidorah, he-who-is-many, monster zero, had known the instant he had laid a single eye on Maddie that she was, for lack of a better term, his offspring. kris a 18 year old non binary human just out of high school and an interest in zoology and behavioral analysis in animals. The hot water made a very apparent sexual tension. But this required them to be expelled from every cavity first. Even losing half of his lower leg doesn't slow him down once he cauterizes the wound. If this inspires you to make a fic, plz tag me lol, if not, Gucchi, have fun. This goes wrong thanks to Godzilla's DNA, resulting in the birth of Orga. It is highly creative and unique, but it may not be for every reader. Ora lui e il suo titano Godzilla vivono aiutando le stesse persone che tanto li temono in cerca di riscatto e di una nuova vita. Designed and coded by knighty & Xaquseg - 2011-2023, Privacy You read that right, Kong not Kang. Perfect green Johnny did it with the beautiful Ophelia in the graveyard while the sun set. Years later, with the eve of the year 2000 in sight, strange happenings begin to occur. It was going normally until Mothra accidentally touched Godzillas junk. They have to get off this ship and back to the Castle for their own safety, but Keith can barely walk as it is. The great Titans were Kaiju that were thought to be legends and worshipped by both humans and faunus's. more importantly. it belongs to GODZILLA. You vaguely remembered being knocked out and feeling a cold sensation. Mothra began to orgasm as she shook spastically. #godzillaxmothra Up next is another Godzilla fanfiction crossover with My Hero Academia. Not piloted by human hands, but rather by a plucky, sapient A.I, Aegi idealistically hopes to serve as a protector for humanity and strive to keep the Earth safe alongside Godzilla, whom he idolizes. You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly. Whether the current Godzilla, as a benevolent protector of mankind, is a modern incarnation of Seiry is unanswered. Godzilla becomes a father, which soon he becomes a grandfather of four hybrid babies. # 1 Light of the Moon by Kevin_Ghidorah 44.2K 417 18 When King Ghidorah returned to ounce again challenge Godzilla to the throne, he was defeated by Godzilla, mothra and another member of Ghidorah's species, Moonhidora. The final Godzilla fanfiction that we will read today takes place in an alternate universe. There even seem to be instances where he can be communicated with. Io seemingly has some sort of magical connection to Godzilla Junior. He was now in labour. Godzilla paused, and then touched her titties as a joke. But what will the kindly pegasus do when she finds out that the egg hatches into the last remaining member of Titanus Gojira, a enormous and powerful saurian superspecies that once dominated ancient Equestria? This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As such, Millennian wants her genetic code so it can overcome its own weakness to radiation. Godzilla wiped her mouth as he got ready to go in for round two. Sequel to "A Start". Godzilla began to rub Mothras pussy gently with his fingers and they began to have steamy wet shower sex. This is a very well-written story with a unique premise, and it will certainly appeal to both Godzilla and Game of Thrones fans. 10056845When will the next chapter be released? As a result, he imprinted on her and sees her as his mother. In this story, Dr Graham is not dead, and Ghidorah has plans, or rather, punishment for her. It was all Ripp's fault. Work Search: Eventual romance on the side. Godzilla pinned Mothra up against the shower wall as the water hit them. #love With the survival of their people and world at stake, Eda is forced to take drastic measures when she realises the fate of The Demon Realm may rest on Kong's shoulders. SubStar By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The next Godzilla fanfiction on our list today is a very interesting crossover that you wont want to miss. If you are looking for a story that features a day at the beach, some sleepy cuddles, and a bit of humor, this is the story for you. That creature went on to rampage and battle other titanic beasts for another decade before meeting its end through a nuclear meltdown in 1995. What happens when the sigil of House Targaryen becomes a little too real? With nearly 17,000 hits, this story is one of the most popular in the genre, and it is clear to see why. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Ma l'uomo non pu ignorare i suoi trascorsi per sempre: presto, una cospirazione per rivoluzionare il mondo lo costringer ad affrontare il peso del suo passato per evitare che la catastrofe sia troppo grande. But just as some like G-Force started to celebrate that the age of monsters finally was at an end and a new era for mankind's dominion was at hand, many on Odo Island were adamant the immortal sea dragon of destruction could never die for good. This shouldn't be possible, as Mysterian hybrids normally can't have magic. Twitter, MLP: Friendship is Magic - 2023 Hasbro Inc. When the arrived, they had tea. A brief battle between the military and UFO, with use of the Full-Metal Missiles, also comes from the manga. After a stranger encounter wi for millions of years titans have walked on this planet, have dominated it Aso has his leg torn off by a Millennian drone, but still manages to mortally wound it with a Godzillasaurus claw. when he realizes that his pride has made him repeat some of Hideko Tojo's mistakes. Note: This is NOT a s***post, crackfiction, or a troll book. this is honestly one of my favorite stories ive ever written?? When Harry Potter unlocks his creature inheritance the whole Wizarding World better kneel. The locals dubbed him Gojira, which was later translated to Godzilla. Passionate about reading fiction? She also knew the dinosaur that became the 1954 Godzilla before it was irradiated. However youthful, hot blooded enthusiasm and a heroic spirit will be tested sorely by the difficulties of battle, the mistrust of those who remember the shadow of the APEX corporation's own Mechagodzilla, and the enigmatic nature of Godzilla's sense of duty that may one day view humanity as an enemy. The Mane Six are dealing with a MUTO Prime and her two children. Like how ponies control the weather, they also maintain the wildlife. Godzilla in the finale, as per a telepathic link with Io. Then he started to struggle and thrash, poop spurting out again although the slime had jellified to stop the eggs being pooped out. Mysterious portals begin appearing in different locations in Equestria, allowing giant monsters from another world to enter and roam the land. They've fought Godzilla, destroyed many cities, even became allies with Godzilla and the Earth guardians. Or just Aegi, to his friends. The Millennian assimilate and store every genome they consume, meaning they have a DNA sequence hundreds of thousands of times more complex than most life. 2,060,395 hits today, 2,485,806 yesterday, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanfiction He and his friends begin on their journey to become heroes, and they meet new friends and enemies along the way. "Bomb Affected People", a term used to describe those with scars and injuries from nuclear bomb blasts, It is heavily implied Yuki Ichinose gradually becomes this to widower Yuji Shinoda, concurrently with her increasingly acting as a, The heroes only realize afterwards that he wasn't aiming at them, but at the Millennian UFO. When Monster Zero wakes up, everyone thinks that his first move will be to destroy everything in sight. as a pony. Io Shinoda is found to have an incredible immunity to radiation. it wasn't until 1999 that another would return.. and with it. Predators have no need to hunt for prey and prey dont need to fear predators. Wouldn't it make sense for Twilight to wait for Fluttershy to answer the door instead of leaving as a foundling? Completed legendary kingghidorah godzillakotm +10 more # 18 in the world of titans, the monste. Up next is a Godzilla fanfiction that is still a work in progress. Up next is a Godzilla fanfiction that crosses over with a popular anime, My Hero Academia. The military does go up against the Millennian UFO when the alien's malicious intent is made clear. This is a genuine kaij x reader one shot chapter book. Onwards to the next chapter! when he realizes Godzilla was never their enemy. This also makes magic highly effective against them, as mana is a form of radiation in this universe. He continues to have one after shooting Yuji while trying to kill Millennian by blowing up C.C.I. After hating Aliens for so long the Grunts learn a thing or two about the Alien race and about themselves.. suddenly a lot of earthly pleasures don't seem so weird any more! For Ghidorah, the King of Terror is reborn. kris becomes close friends with the titans and maybe even more. How Io Shinoda acts and Godzilla reacts upon noticing her is completely different. Godzilla arrives at a Japanese capital with the intent of ignoring the military and killing the Millennian, with the latter becoming Orga. The Cover Art is not mine! Hopefully, hell eat that hellspawn in bunny skin. The fanfic is currently in progress (latest chapter posted as of 2/25/2022), marked as incomplete currently with twenty chapters. Finding out how excites C.C.I. Exactly what it says on the tin. This fanfic has a good amount of drama and conflict, but overall, it is a happy story. Last night I found the poor thing encased in a log that must have floated down from the Everfree forest. A group of young warriors called the Trollhunters must find the Titans to save the world from an evil that will rise again. Strange 10138470Tbf, in Equestria the laws of nature works differently. These 10 are just a small sample of all the amazing stories out there. they are interning with rick stanton a monarch operative that is very close to kris and kris's adoptive father Axel which is why kris is starting out in monarch as a apprentice and works at castle bravo which is the outpost of godzilla. It turns out to possess the same ability to kill Millennian drones as G-Cells, and saves Aso's life against the drone that tried to kill him. But even the best plans can fall apart, and thats exactly what we see happen here. I know this makes sense for your story as some words do change over time for various reasons, but still She had inadvertedly walked straight into the snout of the female Gojirasaurs corpse. Commander Aso journeys to Odo Island in the epilogue to do this for the 1954 and 1984 Godzillas, as a way of putting their personal war behind them in the hopes they might rest in peace. Why not both? This subreddit was made to archive copypasta. The governments across the world can stall the impacts, but not stop them; buying G-Force until midnight to stop the Millennian. They're later used to destroy the Millennian UFO once Aso in the Super-X3 lures it into position. Godzilla is one of the most iconic monsters in pop culture who originated in a series of Japanese films. There's a difference. Words: 647. #godzilla Yuri and Io are cornered by the Millennian Drones when Belvera onces more shows up to save them. My name is Jenna. Mothra rolled over on her back and lifted her pussy in the air. This is a fun story that contains a lot of fluff but plenty of substance too. And manages to turn the tables, fending it off with the Godzillasaurus claw Hina gave him enough for him to get medical attention. I hope this article has helped you find some great Godzilla fanfiction! Aside from some of the paragraphs being way to nig, I like it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Millennian attempts to incorporate Junior's DNA into its being to become the. Love writing? Godzilla then gave one back. A few people laughed, Yuki Ichinose behind the wheel of a beat up compact car with two passengers vs. a nigh-unkillable Millennian drone driving a multi-ton semi-truck? Follow us Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out: Which Harry Potter book is JK Rowling's favorite? Godzilla grabbed her waist and began to fuck her juicy pussy all over again. just watched the new Godzilla anime on nextflix last night too do the king of the monsters justice! Not bad. So you may want to look at the other fanfics with this tag and find your own favorite among them. When a colony of Meganula invades the surface, Monarch must rise again to face them. Hes King of the Monsters and God of Destruction for very good reason, after all. Godzilla, I love you she said. more followed Mankind realized that this world never belonged to them it belongs to the kaijus. But not likekinky. Humanity proves far tougher to destroy than it assumed, and, while still needing Godzilla and Belvera, manage to destroy its UFO. Learn how your comment data is processed. Alford, uno dei pochi ad aver formato un legame speciale con uno di questi maestosi esseri, ha un passato di cui non va per niente fiero alle spalle, un passato che ha rovinato la sua reputazione e la sua personalit. However, they're also much more proactive about it than they were in the movie with more active goals. more followed Mankind realized that this world never belonged to them it belongs to the kaijus. Mothra, who revived him after the battle, tries to make Ghidorah stay, to watch over earth, and to stop his villain arc. Midnight on New Years becomes this, after the Millennian hack almost every computer on the planet and launch multiple hundreds of nuclear missiles. Im going for a more heroic portrayal of Godzilla anyway, and since the Godzilla depicted in the story is in fact Legendary Godzilla, it makes more sense he plays a benevolent role in the story rather than a malevolent one. Three years after the events of The King Of The Monsters and Return To Skull Island, the people of The Demon Realm have learnt to accept the Titans. Godzilla seeming to notice Stacker Pentecost resembles a scene from, The final blow against Orga in this version resembles a mix of the final shockwave attack from, Yuji has a moment of this when he screams at Io during an argument. The GPN find Godzilla on a cliff side road bordering the ocean. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). And that it he liked it. Up next is a Godzilla fanfiction that is a bit dark. He had known. Io has an incredible resistance to radiation far beyond a normal human. Godzilla has been used as a metaphor for nuclear weapons, as well as a metaphor for the powerful creature that is the United States. Me) and after one final push the cries of a infant Larva filled the room as Kiryu quickly cleaned her off before handing her to the waiting Mother "hello little one" she said happily "you still want the name we agreed on" Godzilla asked looking down at his daughter "yeah welcome to the world Leo" she said "I love you Mothra" Godzilla said landing as quick kiss to her forehead "I love you too Godzilla" she said landing a quick peck to his cheek, Where do I keep getting this from as I'm still 12 over here waiting to become 13 next month that the third topic I have no proper information on but that doesn't seem to stop me anymore I hope you enjoy this one I have a few more story's currently in the works, Godzilla and Mothra have some "Fun" (Request), Godzilla X Mothra One-Shots {Slow Updates}. After that, they began play fighting. Aso didn't want to put another younger pilot in harm's way again after being haunted by the deaths of the past Super-X pilots, leading to him personally flying the Super-X3 into the final confrontations with the Millennian UFO. If you are looking for the best Pride and Prejudice fanfiction stories, then you have come to the right place! (Spoiler alert, sorta) This will play a major role in the story as Godzilla will, at one point, override his natural predatory instincts and function on the drive to protect his mother from a dragon attack and later on in the climax, the MUTOs. The Great Dragon took the child of the fallen lovers far away towards the scorched heavens, thus is his mission to repose what was taken, thus is her mission to live. . 8720697Kinda late but with what we've learned of Legendary Godzilla so far that's kinda the default nature they have. In this story, Tony Stark is the King of Atlantis. Rush gets infected by an unknown parasite and undergoes a metamorphosis and is driven by new instincts to find a mate. Your email address will not be published. Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! Hope Godzilla will be strong enough to stop them, maybe avenge not only his parents' deaths but also the numerous other Titans that had been ruthlessly slaughtered by the MUTOs. Junior kills Orga and let's the kill codes reach the missiles at the last possible moment. What they field however changes as instead of a mostly realistic Japanese Self Defense Force, the Millennian are against G-Force with the Super-X3 as a flagship. Given the fact Godzilla is currently a infant and hes surrounded by said peaceful species, its very likely hell adapt to their nature and adopt a calm, benevolent personality. Anguirus is a loyal and smart kaiju who will think twice but still jump into battle for his home and his fellow Daikaiju. But the Earth also has its own defenders and when an ancient and legendary titan rises from the depths of the Pacific to join the Kaiju War, the world will never be the same. a few people cried, Love through Ice (Godzilla : the series) (Child reader insert) After the death of her older brother, 10 year old, (Y/n) has been through grief without any comfort from her parents since they have divorced after a few months after (B/n), (Y/n)'s older brother, death due to the 1st Godzilla catastrophe. She is not used to the idea that animals have to hurt each other to survive. They decided they needed to shower after being covered in very unsanitary bodily fluids. He had to get inside soon. They began to kiss heavily, his penis rubbing against Mothras pussy. Madison just wanted a normal life, to fit in. Johnny who everyone at school loved, Johnny who was taller, faster, and stronger than him. Godzilla King of Monsters and Father of Dragons, 10 of the Most Popular My Hero Academia Fanfics to Check Out in 2022, The Best Transformers Fanfiction to Read in 2022, 10 Popular Danganronpa Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2022, 20 Awesome Pride & Prejudice Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2023, 20 Awesome Zutara Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2023, 20 of the Best Fem Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories in 2023, The 20 Most Popular Percy Jackson Fanfiction Stories in 2023. This Godzilla fanfiction is one of the best. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you.). Post-KOTM. Godzilla: New Era is a fanfiction rewrite of Godzilla 2000 written by Tarbtano and proofread by Faith-Wolff and Lance Omikron. Orga's intial form is a malformed mash up of creatures, with Godzilla and a human being most notable. The heroes gradually realize this was entirely intentional by the aliens. Time and time again Godzilla bested every foe he faced, stopped an alien invasion, and bested several monsters to claim his spot as the Ruler of Earth and defeat the great Magita. There is literally no reason for a bear to kill a deer when ponies are giving it free food. A group of young warriors called the Trollhunters must find the Titans to save the world from an evil that will rise again. The adventures and consequences of being rabidly horny towards aliens. Synchronization: It's unclear if it's a strange application of her hybrid psychic powers or something supernatural, but Io can feel the current Godzilla's pain and vice versa. I figured you were the perfect pony to take care of it. Twilight explained. You walked around the streets, disguised as a heavily pregnant woman looking around for a human that has a good, strong body that would take at least half of the eggs that are weighing your belly down waiting to be laid in their new carrier so they can get warm and get ready to hatch. Of course, these mutations begin to cause more problems as her life goes on, and she must make some difficult decisions. But what happens when some oth A point of view story from all off the titans in their Natural habitat Billions of years ago. Godzilla busted his load as over Mothras face, and it got in her mouth. Scales begin appearing on Maddies skin, but she decides she will not worry about it. Several of the most stand-out lines from the English dub appear as well, though in different contexts and sometimes spoken by different people. Anti-nuclear bacteria, even when administered through full-metal missiles in many times the dosage that eventually inebriated the second Godzilla, is completely. The monarch must survive Godzilla and Mothra have known each other since they were kids. It's 18th century in a world where mankind always coexisted with the titans. Why did Godzilla only now become active again? I love you too. Godzilla replied. Also, the behavior of the animals work differently as well. After the battle of Boston, Godzilla and an increasing number of people start learning the secret she had tried to keep hidden.New friends and old adversaries seem determined to keep things interesting. I have a degree in English Literature and my favorite genre is historical fiction. tennessee ems rules and regulations, westchester classifieds jobs,
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